Bair-Trax Dairy Farm

Bair-Trax Dairy, located in Troy, OH, is our provider of certified organic raw milk.  David and Annette Bair are the 3rd generation to farm this land. They manage grass to provide for the nutritional needs of our animals and to sustain a healthy environment. Healthy soils mean healthy animals and healthy food.

“We find joy in the great diversity of wildlife on our farm, which has grown as we’ve committed to regenerative, organic farming. There’s nothing better than being out in the pasture listening to the cows being cows and the chickens being chickens…enjoying the sunshine and green grass. Just as God intended.

“We began grazing in 2001 and switched to Certified Organic in 2011. As we continue on this journey we have seen the restoration of the land, we have seen healthier animals and a happier and healthier family!”

How to Get Raw Milk:

  • One: Buy a herd share from Bair Trax
  • Two: Bair Trax delivers to the Farm On Central
  • Three: Enjoy RAW Milk

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