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Stay tuned for more on-farm classes – coming soon!


In Person Kitchen Classes

Join us at Farm On Central for hands-on sourdough baking classes.

Led by experienced instructors, these in-person sessions let you feel the dough, perfect your technique, and share the joy of breadmaking with a community of enthusiasts.

Take home freshly baked loaves and newfound baking confidence.

Spring gardening classes

In-Person Gardening Classes 

Learn our very best garden tips!

Benefit from our years of experience, research and lessons learned!

Beginning and more seasoned gardeners will find something useful in our most popular classes from past seasons!

Limited class size so we can answer your questions. Parts may be hands-on in the dirt!


Sourdough Startup virtual workshop and class

Discover the art of sourdough in your own kitchen with our virtual workshop.

Led by expert instructors, this online class guides you through creating a sourdough starter, mastering fermentation, and baking artisanal loaves.

Engage in live Q&A, connect with participants, and become a sourdough pro from the comfort of home.