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Only 1 in 10 Americans get enough fresh veggies in their diet.

And because they can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent cancer, help manage weight and so much more, eating a diet rich in organic, nutrient-dense vegetables and local foods is now more important than ever. 

So why don't we eat more veggies?

  • I don’t know how to cook it
  • I don’t have the time
  • It’s too expensive
  • It doesn’t taste good
  • ___________Insert your excuse here…

But we're on a mission to change that!

Introducing The Farm Box membership

A weekly share of the freshest veggies from the farm

The veggie box is community-supported agriculture (CSA program) that is on your terms. We give you items you already buy, and some fun surprises along the way that come with easy-to-follow, tasty recipes. Not crazy about something, swap it out with a crop or item you like!

Why CSA? How does it work?

You pay the farmer ahead of time.

The farmer uses the money to buy seeds and pay employes.

You get great vegetables each week and save money at the same time.

You see your farmer every week so you get to know each other.

What do our customers say?

They love the fresh, local items they get from our farm!

The convenience of a packaged share, with the flexibility to choose what you want.

That’s right. bok choy not for you? Just swap it out and add one of our 100 plus choices to your share!

1. Select

We’ll select what’s absolutely freshest each week and then send you an email a few days before your share is ready to be picked up.

2. Sign in

Sign in to our private online farm store and swap out what you don’t need, or add any additional goodies to your bag you may need.

3. Get your bag

Get your bag of farm fresh goodies! You can pick up at the farm or get your share delivered to one of our local drop off sites, or even to your home (for a fee, within 14-county area).

Why is The Veggie Box for you?

Know your foods story… From Farmers you trust.

You know your farmers. We grow it, you eat it* No worrying about chemicals, GMO’s or e coli contamination. Not happening here!

Life’s too short to eat boring food.

Our food is fresh. It is grown in soil. And we try dozens of new varieties each year. All focused on delivering you the best flavor you can get. .”I had no idea (spinach, carrots, kale, tomatoes) could taste so sweet” is a common response we get! We hear from parents that their kids will ONLY eat our veggies, “it was gone by the time we got home.”

Your Private Health Plan

We all know we should eat healthy, but it can feel overwhelming. According to research, only 1 in 10 Americans eats enough vegetables. And because they can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent cancer, help manage weight and so much more, eating a diet rich in organic, nutrient-dense vegetables is now more important than ever.

What’s for dinner?

Tasty farm-fresh items… with an easy-to-prepare, quick recipe.

That’s right, we share a new recipe each week that helps you easily prepare your farm share. As busy parents ourselves, we make them easy to make and quick to prepare!

Know your foods story… From Farmers you trust.

You know your farmers. We grow it, you eat it* No worrying about chemicals, GMO’s or e coli contamination. Not happening here!

We help you source fresh, local, good-for-you food so you can enjoy eating fresh each week. Don’t worry about “what’s for dinner” with our weekly recipes.


Sign up for the Farm on Central Veggie Box.


Each week, pick up your share of the farm’s goodness!


Enjoy Delicious Meals with our provided good cooking skills training

Who’s your farmer?

Too often we eat a meal and talk about the flavor, or if we got the food at a deal or the long line in the grocery store. But what if we talked about, or at least knew the farmer who produced it?

Meet the Kilpatrick Family! Farmer Michael and Savannah, and our three kids, Charlotte, Simon, and baby Kate! We’ve been farming for 17 years and now grow fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables in Carlisle, and can’t wait to share them with you!

Kilpatrick Fam

Weekly Staples

You already love our salad, tomatoes, carrots and so much more. And that’s the focus of our shares. Giving you what you already eat. It will just be more consistent and you’ll save along the way!

Special Goodies

Every so often, we’ll throw in something special. Maybe it will be our dragon beans, which have almost a nutty flavor and are oh so tender. Or a bag of farm-grown mint tea, or even one of our prepared foods!

A community of fellow foodies and veggie nerds!

We’re opening a private Facebook group just for our farm share members. This means you get personalized support, ideas, recipes, and feedback on your journey to eating and being well.

Where do I pick up my Farm Box?

We offer multiple delivery options for your convenience!

At the Farm

Come pick up at the farm! you can also explore what’s going on, and shop the full line of local products we have at the bus!

Freedom Family Chiropractor

Conveniently pickup in Centerville- make sure to review the hours they are open. Pickup at this location is an additional $3 week/ $12/month

Home Delivery

We deliver right to your door! Delivery fees may apply.

Click the image to enlarge

Other sites or your home?

Email us! we are always wanting to expand and reach more communities., we may be able to work something out!

Other sites or your home?

Email us! We have Trucks headed to Liberty Center, Troy, and Farmersville on a regular basis., we may be able to work something out!

Plus, for your convenience, we have add-ons!

Milk Share

Get Indian Creek Creamery milk added to your share and save!! This premium, unhomogenized milk comes from a local farm where they know their cows names. Choose whole or A2A2. Want organic, raw milk? Email us on how to add this to your share.

Egg Share

Our local producers:
🥚 Keep small flocks that result in happy hens
🥚 Don’t trim wings or beaks
🥚 Give their hens access to the outside.
🥚 Feed a varied diet that includes Farm on Central veggies

Ready to get started? Here's how the sign up process works...

  1. Enroll in the farm box share with the link below.
  2. Pick your awesome, local add-on shares
  3. Start enjoying Awesome veggies in just a few days!

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The Farm on Central
Based on 51 reviews
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ally johnsonally johnson
13:38 24 May 22
Loved doing your own strawberry picking. It was fun and the berries are so delicious and so sweet. My husband and I are going to do it every other week to get out strawberries because we eat alot of them. You know where there coming from and what they use on the barries. That's why I rather have central farm strawberries because they are honest farmers. Plus all the other veggies and fruits they have are amazing to. The salad mix was so fresh and delicious my husband eat most of the salad which never happens
Edward HarrisEdward Harris
16:09 23 May 22
First-time visitor. Picked strawberries and there were plenty to choose from. Very tasty. Much better than store-bought.
Michelle WorkmanMichelle Workman
01:42 23 May 22
Strawberry U Pick today……amazing berries everywhere you look!!!! So welcoming and friendly……thanks for opening your farm to our community! Great family time! ❤️🍓🍓🍓
Holly RidingerHolly Ridinger
04:26 22 May 22
Picked 11 pounds of the most delicious strawberries we have ever had. 24 pints of jam already made. Still so many strawberries. Freezing and eating them.
Debbie RiveraDebbie Rivera
20:29 23 Jan 22
I love the fresh produce! Always so fresh & delicious!I also love the farm fresh eggs, fresh milk & a nice little variety of items offered. The staff is always very helpful & kind. You may think the prices are a little more than you would pay at the bigger stores, but where is THAT produce coming from? I will gladly pay a little more for fresh food grown right here plus it helps local families stay in business. That’s a double plus in my book!

What about…
(answers to your questions)

Yes, you can pause or skip a week or two if you decide to go on vacation. In fact, you can do that from your account portal with just a few clicks!
Enough to feed a typical family of 4. We include approximately $30-35 of value each week for your subscription of $97 a month.

We offer a biweekly share where you pick up every other week. As all our veggies will last two weeks, it allows you to save trips and still eat awesome food. Another option would be to split the share with a neighbor or friend.