Nature’s Kick Corporation

Written by MARSHALL DUNHAM in 1988, revised 2009

“I’ve always loved honey,” says Glenn Peters of Salem Oregon, inventor of Honeystix, a hermetically sealed, micro-package of cold-processed, full flavor honey.

Honeystix have been enthusiastically received everywhere they have been marketed. On some candy counters in convenience stores, Honeystix have outsold chewing gum. Honeystix are being sold in health food stores, supermarkets, restaurants, roadside produce stands, high school and college bookstores, snack bars in ski lodges, resort stores and health clubs. Honeystix proved to be so popular in Yellowstone Park that the vendors there are having them packed under their own label.

Honeystix have been called “Candy of the Future” by the 1986 World Trade Exposition in Vancouver, B.C. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has called Honeystix “Zero-Gravity Candy” and may be stocking them on future space flights. Honeystix were taken on the 1988 Mount Everest Expedition and they are being considered as the official “Candy of the Special Olympics” by the National Special Olympic Committee.
The popularity of Honeystix is growing rapidly as the product receives national and international exposure. Honey producers from the Pennsylvania Dutch to the New Zealand kiwis want to have their honey micro-packaged in Honeystix. Honey producers find that Honeystix sell quickly at 25-35 cents each. They also realize their honey is getting the credit it deserves and they want more of their produce packed as this revolutionary candy concept.

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