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Why Choose Our Peaches?

Choosing the best peaches around is an easy and delicious decision with the Farm On Central! Here’s why:


Experience unmatched freshness at unbeatable prices. Save big with our direct farm partnerships—our customers have already saved over $35,000 this season alone!


Unlike big corporate farms, our peaches come from Lane Southern Orchards in Georgia and Watsonia Organics in South Carolina—where quality and care take precedence.

Ernestine B.
Ernestine B.
Farm On Central Customer
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“My husband said these are the best peaches he has ever had.”
Peggy H.
Peggy H.
Farm On Central Customer
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“The peaches are delicious! Peach cobblers yesterday. Today I’ll make peach jam.”
Susan T.
Farm On Central Customer
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“I picked my 3 boxes up on Thursday, and I have to tell you, they are GORGEOUS peaches! I've bought through other peach trucks in previous years, but these peaches are by far the best I've ever gotten! Thank you, Farm on Central for providing this service to the community! I can't wait to open that 1st jar of peach preserves!”

What types of peaches do you offer?


Firmly attached to the pit, they are sweet and perfect for jams and jellies. These are typically the first peach, smaller, and more for fresh eating.

Freestone Peaches

Ideal for effortless preparation, our Freestone peaches separate easily from the pit, making them perfect for enjoying as a fresh snack.

Organic Peaches

Grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, our Certified Organic peaches from Watsonia Farms offer pure, eco-friendly delight.

Preorder Information


Select your peach variety, choose your quantity, and checkout online. Simple and straightforward!


Remember, all orders are for local pickup at the Farm On Central. Please wait for our confirmation to ensure your peaches have arrived! Check your email for pickup information.


Enjoy the fresh, juicy taste of summer right in your own home. Whether it’s in a homemade pie, a refreshing smoothie, or simply fresh off the pit, savor every bite of your delicious peaches.

Meet Our Peach Partners

At Farm On Central, we believe in the power of partnership and the importance of knowing where your food comes from. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the best orchards in the country to bring you peaches that are as fresh as they are flavorful.

Lane Southern Orchards (Georgia)

For three years, we’ve sourced our conventional Freestone peaches from Lane Southern Orchards. Known for their commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices, Lane Orchards ensures each peach is nurtured to perfection. Picked at the peak of ripeness, these peaches are a testament to the care and expertise of true peach artisans.

Watsonia Organics (South Carolina)

Every organic peach from Watsonia Organica brings a 100-year legacy of peach growing to life. As a fourth-generation family farm, they are pioneers in organic farming, using no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These peaches aren’t just good for you; they’re good for the environment, too.

Our Promise

By choosing Farm On Central, you’re not just buying peaches; you’re supporting a network of family farms dedicated to sustainable and ethical agriculture. Enjoy the fruits of their labor with the peace of mind that you’re part of a larger community that values health, quality, and transparency.

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